Friday, April 5, 2013

Healthy is Pretty

I was at work one day and this girl, a sophomore in college, starts going through her feed on Facebook. One of her girlfriends had posted a picture of her "Box Gap". She makes a sound of disdain and I look at her, "what?". She says, "Have you heard about this Box Gap thing? It's all over Tumblr and now girls my age are taking pictures of their Box Gap to show the world".  She visits Tumblr's site and goes through feed after feed of pictures of girls thighs right below the pelvis. Even more disturbing was the feed of girls desperate to get the same results on their body.

I believe 100% in being a healthy beautiful woman. I believe everyone can be beautiful in their own way. This was a flashback to middle school for me. All the girls throwing up in the bathrooms. The girls saying I REALLY looked good after I had had the flu for two weeks not able to eat at all. That kind of impression sticks with a girl. It took a fantastic husband constantly reminding me of MY personal beauty to get my head out of that mindset.  Here's what I've found online so far about this horrid popular body style:

First of all, it's a matter of how wide your hips are. So if you've got narrow hips girls, I'm sorry you're most likely not to have Box Gap. Second, who needs sticks for legs? You have to get around don't you? I think I could strangle a man with how strong my thighs are, what's sexier? :)

Below are pictures I found online and comments real girls left on Tumblr:

The same girl who added the words above wrote from the quote below: Can I be skinny now?

This is me. I work out five times a week and eat really healthy. I have NO box gap. But I'm pretty sure I could strangle a man with my thighs :)

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