Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer's End Please Please Fall Begin

This year has been a rather testing one for me. Thom's never home, starting that "new" job. It's coming up on a year of him always being gone, and I can't take much more. I feel like I'm juggling all of the responsibilities of the home, interior and exterior, while working myself 35 hours a week. I'm tired. Frustrated. Annoyed. My wick is so short these days, and I hate that feeling. It's not me. It's been over 85 degrees now for a few weeks, with a non stop humidity to match. That's not helping. I feel like a run would help all this in my head out, but I feel I'll die in these conditions. So I keep to myself, created a time bomb in my head. God help me. I've lost inspiration to find the beautiful things.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Glass Globs

Thom's working night and day. I've had a lot of alone time and have been spending it improving the talents I have. Recently I've been on a huge glass excursion in my little studio. Making pendants, bead sets, buttons, etc. On the side, I mostly paint naked women. I just love the curves of their bodies, so fun to paint. While in my studio yesterday I thought I would try to make a naked woman out of glass. I did succeed and now all I want to do is make more. The whole time I heard my puny husband crackin wise jokes like, "somebody's got fire up their butt". He's the worst at jokes, but it makes him, him. I have them for sale on my etsy account if you would like to purchase one. I can make it into a necklace for you if you would like as well.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Piano Beginnings

When I was a kid my Aunt Ester would come over and teach me how to play out of that old hymnal that of course had the smell of an old library. Yellow pages and all.

Years later I decided to try piano again, with Sister Sandy. Hmm. . . God really does rest her soul these days no doubt. Forgive me Sandy, hated her teachings. I never had any fun with that.

Now fifteen years later I find myself with a weighted keyboard, 88 keys, sitting in my husband's "band room". What should be the dinning room of my quaint home. Monday I took my hands to that thing, and decided I'd try a third time. It's the charm right?

I'm loving it. Hands hurt to type now. If they're going to hurt, I'd rather them hurt from playing music.

Signing off for tonight to get back to those sounds.


Monday, February 1, 2010

a dream

I had a dream last week that I want to post. I feel like it represents the body of the church right now in America.

We were all running down a hallway together. Narrow, much like the road we are to run. God was pouring out buckets upon us and the water rushed across our feet as we ran. We rejoiced so much in the fresh water, crystal clear. Rejoiced for it because we were quenched, so thirsty. Myself and few other people had colors flowing out of their fingers, colors we don't have here. Like glo sticks. Colors streaking all over the walls. I loved it. Beautiful and so happy.

Then a small argument broke out amongst three people. And two things happened. One, it slowed down everyone else b/c they had to run around them. And two, everyone ran on without them. They would have to catch up. They didn't keep in the momentum.

Keep your relationships on guard. Don't let arguments linger. We're all running this together. Stay in the water, stay in the color, the rejoicing, praise, and happiness. Let's do this together people.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

forgive me

I just posted a blog this morning of dissatisfaction with my life. I've been convicted in the past hour about it and felt need to ask for forgiveness. Life's not easy right now. But I'm so thankful for what I do have. I was just talking to God within my day about how I was feeling. Then I remembered that I had asked God to send me friends a few months ago because all mine had dissipated. Now we have so many friends, Thom and my alone times are getting more squeezed in on. But we have SO much fun with these new people He's sent our way. Goes to show that in carnality we're never satisfied.

Things I'm thankful for:

~a creative job
~my dogs
~my home
~God's movement in our church
~great family
~heat, electricity, running water
~my friends
~my health
~grace for when I'm a moron
~Thom's job
~my talents, God help me to use them more for Him

Busily Annoyed

Does anyone else find it obnoxious that a man and a woman, married, still have to work 40+ hours to make ends meet these days? What happened to a time when the woman had a choice to stay home and cook/clean and the man went to work for just 40 hours? I'm not saying that's my ideal lifestyle either, but I DO feel like Thom and I are running circles around this house trying not to trip over each other whenever we're home at the same time. Which is far and in between.

Sunday: Technically OFF work. But get to church at 8:30 AM, set up everything in a gym, Thom leads service, tear everything down afterward (get done around 1:00), band practice from 2-4, and THEN we get to enjoy our day off.

Monday: Day off. But we spend the whole day getting all the house work done or errands taken care of. Hopefully we have time to have date night in the end

Tuesday: Work morning, come home, run, eat, Tuesday night group with Friends.

Wednesday-Saturday: Don't see Thom. He works from 9-9:30. I scramble to get housework done, weekly errands ran, go running, walk three dogs, make glass beads for more side cash, all before I work at 2.

Back to Sunday.

This has made our weeks go by like crazy. I feel like I never have time to reflect or plan. Life's just passing me by. I'm just getting a little tired of it.

Is there a way to stop this momentum force?

Sell the house, grow my own food, and knit my own socks. I'll take it. I could have more dogs ;)