Monday, February 1, 2010

a dream

I had a dream last week that I want to post. I feel like it represents the body of the church right now in America.

We were all running down a hallway together. Narrow, much like the road we are to run. God was pouring out buckets upon us and the water rushed across our feet as we ran. We rejoiced so much in the fresh water, crystal clear. Rejoiced for it because we were quenched, so thirsty. Myself and few other people had colors flowing out of their fingers, colors we don't have here. Like glo sticks. Colors streaking all over the walls. I loved it. Beautiful and so happy.

Then a small argument broke out amongst three people. And two things happened. One, it slowed down everyone else b/c they had to run around them. And two, everyone ran on without them. They would have to catch up. They didn't keep in the momentum.

Keep your relationships on guard. Don't let arguments linger. We're all running this together. Stay in the water, stay in the color, the rejoicing, praise, and happiness. Let's do this together people.

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