About Me

 Girl loves art, girl gets hired by bead store, girl goes crazy for more!

 I started my Etsy shop for fun. It was a place for my friends and loved ones who have moved away to stay current on my jewelry, purses, and lampwork beads. After a while I felt like I looked like a Jack of all Trades, so I simplified to metalsmithing. I began doing silhouettes of whatever people would send me pictures of and still love to do that most. Dogs, people, flowers, you name it. A lot of people ask me to make state and country pendants so I've gotten into doing those as well. I donate 15% of my sales to World Visions on the country pendants because most of the orders come from people who have done relief work and want to be reminded of the people they helped. I love that! My vision is to make money to give back to those who have less. My motto is to use art to help those in need. And I'm making that happen!

 Etsy has been a great tool for me, so great that I had to hire my first "employee", my husband. He helps me when I'm stressed out with more orders than time. In March of 2013 I quit my day job at The Creative Fringe, a bead store in my town that I managed for 8 years, and now work for myself full time. It's been an honor to do what I love for my job. I couldn't ask for more.

 When not in the studio, I'm usually outside! I love the great outdoors and am blessed to live in a place that's so beautiful. I live in a tourist town called Grand Haven, Michigan. It's beaches have ranked in the top ten of the United States. I love riding my bike, taking a hike in the woods with my dogs and husband, sewing, painting, creating anything really with my hands. I run a 25K every year in Grand Rapids. Running has always been a huge part of my life, my sanity. In good years, I have a garden that we grow flowers and food. I love nature, and I desire to treat it well.

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