Saturday, May 16, 2015

PUP Remodel is COMPLETE! Where to!?

Glamping. Yeah, heard of it? I'm sure you can guess it's origin just by hearing it and you either think it sounds ridiculous or awesome.


Oh yes we did. My husband and I have been dying to get our hands on a camper to spruce up and make our own. We work so hard and so nonstop, that we need a getaway. A pop up camper was the perfect, affordable, solution! After weeks and weeks of keeping up on all the campers listed on Craigslist, I finally got my hands on one!

Below are our remodel pictures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :) It took one week to complete the remodel and a whole lot of elbow grease!


Purchase Price: $1200.00
1994 Palomino Pop Up Camper

She wasn't much to look at, but her bones were good. It didn't smell funky and nothing was rusted out. It had rained the night before and there was no leaking shown in the canvas.

God awful patterns. Who designs this stuff? They seriously need to consider hiring me.

The outside just needed some cleaning.

Tore this ice box out to spray paint it, and glad I did! I found a nasty mouse nest that smelled SO terrible once we opened it up. Bleached the stink out of there!

Primed and Painted the countertops with countertop paint we had from The Home Depot. Three coats to make sure it was nice and strong. Man does that stuff stink! Oil based for sure.

I seriously can't get my dogs out of this camper. I think they love all the cushy places to sleep!

Primed and painted all the cupboards with exterior paint to make sure it holds up baking in the sun and any possibility of water getting in. Plate wear looks ceramic, but it's truly the Threshold Collection at Target and completely plastic. They'll be easy to clean and store while camping. Same goes for the blue glasses (plastic). Table runners and placemats are from Target as well. Let's just call a spade a spade, I'm a Target JUNKIE!

Spray painted the ice box and faucet to blend in a little more and take away the dingy colors. New knobs and hinges were the perfect touch and not that expensive!

Found this 3-in-1 oven from The Home Depot online. A fellow PUP remodeler posted it on Instagram and I knew I had to have it!

The cushions are just covers I sewed with snaps. They fold over the original cushions in a way that you'd wrap a present and then snap together. Snap them off to wash! Got the fabric in the clearance section at my local fabric shop for $3.00 a yard! 

The cream curtains I sewed myself. Found bargain fabric, again for $3.00 a yard. The red medallion curtains I found at Target in their curtain section. A simple cut right in the middle of them and a tension rod with clip hangers and you've got yourself some color and easy to change out curtains!

Pinterest the images if you'd like and feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Fitness Reflection: Change in ONE year!

Hey there friends! Well, last year I started on this adventure. The adventure of 29. . . which meant 30 was just around the bend! Eeek! I've not yet been nervous about turning 30, but I did promise myself to be in the best shape of my life by the time I was 30. Not a goal I loosely held in my head, but one I thought of daily in 2013. In what I ate, what I did, how I spent my time. One day I even clocked out of work, poured a bath for myself, got in, sat there for two minutes. . . . . got convicted for not working out. I literally GOT OUT of the hot bath in the middle of December and got my butt to the gym. Came back, poured another bath, and fully relaxed knowing I DID what I set out to do!

Well, here it is, before and after pictures. December 2013 when Thom and I went to Puerto Rico, the middle of last year, and now. I can say with 100% guarantee that I feel stronger, have more endurance, healthier, sexier, and all around BETTER! If you're working towards a goal this New Year, STICK WITH IT!

There you have it! I lost 20 pounds at first but gained 5 back in muscle by the end of the year. Feeling so good! I can do more pushups than ever, which have always been a struggle for me. I can run faster too! I'm looking forward to my fourth year in the 25K Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for me. If you've been following me you know my interval training/HIIT style work outs. Well, my personal gym has been watching me transform as well and has asked me to start teaching my bootcamp this year! I start this Tuesday and cannot WAIT to see what's in store for 2014!

For a little nugget of inspiration, I kept this on my desktop for most of 2013. It may help you too! The saying alone keeps me from turning off my computer and doing something other than getting my butt in gear!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kate Hudson's New Fabletics Athletic Apparel

So I'm a huge fan of work out clothes. . . maybe more than the regular these days! When I heard that Kate Hudson has put out a line of athletic apparel I was so excited. I'm a HUGE Kate fan. I love her simple, classic style. Her motivation was to make clothes that women could work out in, but also grab a cup of coffee with the girls afterwards. Stylish, quality, and comfortable.

SO I jumped to put in an order. I got two outfits, and followed the tracking on the computer all the way to my home. The day they arrived, I was so excited. A little geekishly excited, I'll admit. The quality of the fabrics was so amazing. They feel so soft, yet structured enough to hold everything in place when I'm on a good run.

This pants and sports bra set, amazing fit and comfy! The top banding on the capri's is thick enough to stay up but not too thick that it feels bulgy under a shirt. I'd say both are true to size.

This great shirt will keep me warm on those cold winter runs! I love the thumb holes, and the sleeves are true to size I'd say. I'm only 5'2" so I was pleased they weren't any longer. 

Loving the detail on these capri's! These are probably my newest favorite pair of capri's. They are nice and thick for even cooler weather but they feel like they really hold everything in place for me. No giggled parts at the gym!

So, this was a small. . . uh? The sleeves are about 6" too long, the whole body fit like my husbands shirt, and it went past my booty. Might need to work on the fit of this one Kate. The material though, to die for. It's probably the softest running shirt I've ever felt. Cute hood off the back and pocket in front. 

So that's it. Fabletics. . . I'm kind of in love. I'm going to return the turquoise hoodie and check out the XS. Hopefully it works on me!

OOOoohhh, extra note to any followers, I'm starting my HIIT Bootcamp as a class at the Powerhouse Gym in Grand Haven! Can't wait!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jewelry for Army Wives!

These are new in my shop! I had started following a bit of the chevron trend and made these great "chevron" rings. Then an Army Wife friend of mine suggested flipping them around and saw not a chevron pattern, but her husband's RANK! I thought, how cool is that! Not just a "trendy" ring anymore, but a ring with purpose! 

If you're interested in purchasing a ring from me simply contact me via my Etsy shop, Sprout1world. You can purchase these individually and add more when your husband or boyfriend gets a promotion!

Available in Copper or Sterling Silver, OR mix em up!

Thanks for looking! Share with your Army Wife friends! I cannot believe the courage and strength you women must have. I'm completely impressed by you and hold you in the highest esteem. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3rd Month Interval Training Boot Camp Follow Up . . . WHEW!

Well, this is the goal . . . to be in the best shape of my life when I hit 30. I'm currently 28 with my 29th being a week or so out, and I gotta say . . . I'm in the best shape of my life NOW. I've been working on it for three months. I otherwise, have always been a runner and in decent shape, but now I'm kicking my butt every time I'm at the gym! No easy work outs here! If you're interested in my routine, check it out on my blog here

I've never craved meat so much in my life that's for sure! I actually absolutely HATE cooking, so I've invested in Protein Shakes and just blend them up with spinach and strawberries for a great between meal snack. They're also great if I don't have time for lunch.

So, now the bar is rising on 30 :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Looking for a Vacation Spot?

You may have heard Tim Allen's soothing voice overs on the Pure Michigan commercials and thought, Michigan? Really? But if you haven't visited, you really should. It's absolutely gorgeous and the water is beautiful. You feel like you're at the ocean without all the salt water or the threat of shark attacks or the sting of a jellyfish :)

Thom and I filled up the cooler yesterday, threw some beach chairs on our back, grabbed the dog and flew down to Grand Haven's Dog Beach. It was a perfect brilliant sunny day. Set up camp, and then threw the frisbee around a bit. After working up a little sweat, hoped in the sparkling water.

Hit up a little yoga on a log that had washed up to the sand bar. Amazing day! 

So, if you're looking for a new vacation spot, check out Grand Haven. It's gorgeous. The people are cool and relaxed. There's plenty to do for all ages. My favorite places in town:

  • Sushi at The Grand
  • Paddle Board Rentals at The Wet Mitten
  • Puppy Socials at Must Love Dogs with Tonya (who doesn't love watching a ton of puppies run around?)
  • JW's food is awesome, you have to check out this local food spot
  • WHATEVER YOU DO, get breakfast at The Morning Star Cafe. You will not regret it. 
  • Check out the shops downtown. There's really something for everyone these days. With Lee & Birch for men, Gliks for the hip teens-20 somethings (heck my mom get stuff there) and Down to Earth for the hippie/fashionistas.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

3 Month Mark on my High Interval Training

Well, we're three moths in on this High Interval Training style I've been incorporating. I think it's really working! I feel great, and have tons of energy. WAYYYYYY stronger than I used to be. Let me know if any of you guys have tried this out? Or have any good tips on High Interval Training??

As a recap on what I'm doing:

-10 minutes of two minute interval cardio (2min:8incline/2min:15incline)
-10 minutes of weight lifting


-Lots of meat, lots of veggies, and fruit. The grill has become my best friend!

This last picture, Left - one month of running no interval training. Right - 3 months of my High Interval Training Routine!