Monday, April 8, 2013


If you follow me as of late you know about my new workout plan. I'm sincerely enjoying how rigorous it is. It's incredibly difficult, but I'm seeing results so quickly that I love it. However, yesterday I tried to squeeze into the "best" part of my day. Which landed after church before lunch. Fail! I was so incredibly weak compared to my usual vitality. I still made it through, but could really see a difference in my performance. I came home from the two hour long escapade at the gym and walked sluggishly inside the house. My husband saw my need for food instantly and, thank God, jumped to make me an amazing plate of pecan encrusted salmon over a bed of whole wheat noodles and veggies. Thank GOD for an amazing HUSBAND!

Lesson learned, plan OUT my food! I had eaten a healthy breakfast of Heart to Heart cereal by Kashi. Had plenty of water, but needed some serious protein.

NEW addition to plan: EAT every meal and try to incorporate two small snacks between meal.

I'll let you know how this goes. I'm working on getting a protein shake . . . any good suggestions for females?

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