Monday, February 11, 2013

They will know you by your love.

If you've been a reader of my blog (which no one really is, since I don't do it often), you'll know I'm a solid believer in Jesus Christ. My husband and I lead praise and worship for years in a church and recently felt God moving us in another direction. So we're looking for a new church. I feel like I want to start my own because I can't find one that doesn't put on a show, a song and dance for the "first timers". A church that does church, and the people want to come because they want to see something real. Nothing staged. We do worship, not just sing songs. We speak the truth, not come with a five point sermon that starts with the same letter. Speak the Bible and love on people, not go off statistics of church growth. People will be drawn to the love of God. The hope of God's glory is Christ shining through us. Is it really so much to ask for?

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