Thursday, November 1, 2012

Signing ON

Wow, it's been a long time. I've still never quite gotten into the blogging thing. I'm not sure why. Sum up I guess of the past year: By day I work at a beading supply store working with customers and instructing classes on Metalworking, intricate bead stitches, glass bead making, etc. Now by night, my Etsy has become a full time job. I'm at that point where I ride the fence on quitting my day job to go head in on my personal career as a jewelry artist. In due time, I suppose. For now, I'm keeping my head to the plow keeping up best I can. My husband has been an amazing help, keeping up with the household chores when he's not helping me out in the studio. Things have been difficult at times, but it's been an amazing experience. We've been able to pay off debt that has been clouding us for years, and remodel parts of the house, create a functional and beautiful studio in one of our bedrooms for me. Our 10 year anniversary is rolling around in December, and we hope to get away for a few days at our favorite Bed and Breakfast, Castle in the Country. This is Rose Kren, signing back on to Blog life :) Feel free to follow me on Facebook too. I've been doing two give-a-ways a month!

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