Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Looking for a Vacation Spot?

You may have heard Tim Allen's soothing voice overs on the Pure Michigan commercials and thought, Michigan? Really? But if you haven't visited, you really should. It's absolutely gorgeous and the water is beautiful. You feel like you're at the ocean without all the salt water or the threat of shark attacks or the sting of a jellyfish :)

Thom and I filled up the cooler yesterday, threw some beach chairs on our back, grabbed the dog and flew down to Grand Haven's Dog Beach. It was a perfect brilliant sunny day. Set up camp, and then threw the frisbee around a bit. After working up a little sweat, hoped in the sparkling water.

Hit up a little yoga on a log that had washed up to the sand bar. Amazing day! 

So, if you're looking for a new vacation spot, check out Grand Haven. It's gorgeous. The people are cool and relaxed. There's plenty to do for all ages. My favorite places in town:

  • Sushi at The Grand
  • Paddle Board Rentals at The Wet Mitten
  • Puppy Socials at Must Love Dogs with Tonya (who doesn't love watching a ton of puppies run around?)
  • JW's food is awesome, you have to check out this local food spot
  • WHATEVER YOU DO, get breakfast at The Morning Star Cafe. You will not regret it. 
  • Check out the shops downtown. There's really something for everyone these days. With Lee & Birch for men, Gliks for the hip teens-20 somethings (heck my mom get stuff there) and Down to Earth for the hippie/fashionistas.

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